A collaborative community for women like you who want to…

Blaze their own trail
Rediscover their authentic inner-self
Accomplish their own priorities that never make it to the forefront
Stretch beyond the limitations that are preventing acceleration of their true potential

The WOYN Mission

To cultivate, inspire and empower women to make a personal commitment to themselves in fulfilling their ultimate potential.

The WOYN Vision

To be 24-7 global resource for empowering women

What Women Are Saying About WOYN

I’ve always loved animals (especially dogs). And now I’ve created a pet sitting service in my home. I started out with two dogs in my neighborhood and now I’m up to 20 dogs per day. I love what I do and it’s so rewarding! I finally can say, I’m Working on My Now!

M. Holper – Austin, TX

I have found myself always giving up my wants and needs to make sure that my family had what they needed. Just recently, I decided that I wanted to give to myself as much as I give of myself! So, I planned a trip to Tahiti with three of my best friends. We leave in July!

T. Kent - Atlanta, GA

My Working on My Now is just taking 15 minutes to drink a cup of tea in the morning and read an article in O Magazine!

J. Wright – Chicago, IL

With my husband’s support, I quit my job so that I can attend graduate school. Although we will be down an income, I couldn’t be happier! I am finally going to do something that I’ve always wanted to do, but could never find the time to do it! Did I mention that I’m 52?

P. Motlick - Phoenix, AZ

I was involved in a hit and run accident. Unfortunately, I was the driver. I ran scared. But, I served my time. Now, I’ve started ministering to the families of the victims. It’s ironic, how such a horrible incident can change a person into doing something positive for others.

E. Sholberg - Leesburg, VA

I like the WOYN concept and am ready to get started!

I. Saunders

Absolutely loved the format that was presented to me and my colleagues. We are starting our own WOYN group in our city in 2016!

S. Hambrick
  • What Working On Your Now "Is"

    A thinking platform and doing platform. In other words, you put thought into what you want out of the platform and You go out and Do it! When you Work On Your Now, you make it happen!

  • What Working On Your Now "Is Not"

    • JUST another self-help platform for women
    • A quasi-motivational site for women
    • A quick fix that will inspire for a moment and then send women back to their usual routine.